CQ9: Popular Mobile Casino Slot Online & Fish Shooting Games

What is CQ9 Gaming?

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, CQ9 Gaming has entered the iGaming industry recently but has quickly made a name for itself. It has gained a significant audience in Malaysia including other Southeast Asian countries.

They offer more than a hundred different games, the majority of which are slots. Most of their online slot games come with Asian themes and resemble Asian culture. They also have a multiplayer fishing game and a wide selection of video slots.

Their game library includes a variety of arcade games, slot machines, and fishing games that are mostly carrying an Asian theme.

CQ9 Gaming also offers different support services to its mobile casino clients, constantly pushing the boundaries of online gaming and entertainment

CQ9 Gaming: Things You Need To Know For Winning Streaks

Online casinos have taken the world by storm, allowing players to play a variety of games over the internet. These casinos offer myriads of games to play including slots, poker, blackjack, card games, and other games online.

CQ9 is a Taipei, Taiwan-based gaming development company in Asia certified by Gaming Laboratories International or GLI. CQ9 Gaming was founded in 2016 but has become one of the pioneer companies in the gambling business. With its high-quality casino games, CQ9 Gaming has established a robust presence in the global online gambling industry. The company has expanded its operations to new markets, including Europe and beyond.

The CQ9 gaming collection includes a wide variety of games such as arcade games, slots games, and fishing games. The majority of games in the treasury of the company are driven by Asian themes, like dragon balls.

Unique Games Offered By CQ9

CQ9 Gaming offers different support services to its clients, including multi-languages, interactive bonus games, progressive jackpots, and multi-currency. What’s more, there are plethoras of symbol functions, high-score multipliers, reel games, slots games, and many more. 

Get an Engaging Slot Game Experience with CQ9

CQ9 has more than 160 slots distinct from each other in three main categories: God series, Jump series (Jump high and Jump high 2), and Chinese style. Most gaming slots are optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring interested casino players can play their favorite slot game anytime, anywhere.

Games developed by CQ9 developers are high-quality and high-resolution, keeping players engrossed in the game for a long time.

Asian theme-based gaming experience

Anything used for luck and fortune in Asia is inculcated in CQ9 games, for example, traditional symbols, pictures, and motifs from various cultures, etc.

However, they do offer Western-themed games that include prominent Western characters like Sherlock Homes, Greek Gods, and Cleopatra.

Core Team Members at CQ9 Gaming

Unlike other game development companies that outsource game development, CQ9 has an in-house, dedicated team of designers who create games from scratch. With this approach, CQ9 is able to have complete control over the functionality, picture, and design of the games.

One notable member of the CQ9 gaming department is Wise Wang, who serves as a gaming sales supervisor. Under his guidance, CQ9 has signed a deal with slots provider, ReeINRG, a UK-based casino game development company.

This partnership with CQ9 will expand its presence in both the US and Europe. Additionally, Asia’s leading gaming developer, CQ9, has plans that reflect its ambition to grow beyond the Asian market and establish a presence in the global online casino market.

Top CQ9 Fishing Games Worth Checking Out

There are varieties of fishing games offered by CQ9 that are not only exciting to play but also offer lucrative wins. Among the six distinct game titles, the most popular among players are “Paradise Leviathan,”, “Thunder Fighter”, “One Shot Fishing,”, and “Lucky Fishing.”

CQ9 Gaming: Paradise Leviathan

The Paradise Leviathan series is created with stunning graphics and immersive sound effects. It takes players on an astounding real-life deep-sea fishing adventure with a wide variety of fish. With special features like “Mega Leviathan” and “Mega Shark,” players get a chance to win big rewards.

CQ9 Gaming: Thunder Fighter

Thunder Fighter is another renowned fishing game with an enthralling game-play experience. There is a range of different fishing gear the player can choose from and battle against powerful sea creatures with. Moreover, the fishing tournament and mega jackpot are some of the special features included in the casino game that offers players the chance to win some extra rewards.

CQ9 Gaming: One-Shot Fishing

One Shot Fishing by CQ9 combines elements of traditional fishing games with slot machine gameplay. This highly engaging game is unique in several ways. Firstly, multiplayer mode allows up to four players to play simultaneously. This builds an interactive, engaging, and fun experience for casino players who enjoy playing games with friends and family.

Secondly, CQ9 developers created this game to meet the requirements of the mobile phone market. The one-handed fishing method is perfect for vertical-screen mobile devices. What’s more, when players catch the fish species, they can obtain dragon balls. Once they have collected seven dragon balls, they can summon the powerful dragon boss.

This unpredictable and exciting feature can let the player win a whopping 500 times their initial bet. Lastly, one-shot fishing has three levels, each with its own unique rewards and challenges. As the players catch more fish, they can move to the next level and earn bigger prizes.

CQ9 Gaming: Lucky Fishing

In the lucky fishing game, players embark on an adventurous journey to explore a vibrant underwater world and search for hidden treasure. Among the standout aspect of the casino game is the impressive selection of weapons available to players.

In total, there are 3 artillery batteries available to collect gas while attacking the fish. Once the gas is completed, the artillery battery converts into an advanced weapon with diverse and powerful attacks to choose from.

In addition, through a combination of exploration, treasure hunting, and a rich arsenal of weapons, players can get a chance to improve their fishing skills. Plus, players get an opportunity to obtain the powerful drill canon (the strongest weapon in the game) and use it to take it against the legendary fish king. If players defeat the fish king, they get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Top CQ9 Slot Games Worth Checking Out

CQ9 Gaming offers a wide selection of gaming options, such as slot games, arcade games, and the aforementioned fishing games. These games are categorized into three different series: the Jump Series, God Series Games, and Chinese Style Game Series, all based on Asian and European deities. Moreover, with this extensive collection of games, there are several standout titles by CQ9 that are immensely popular among players.

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CQ9 Gaming: Jump High

“Jump High” is among the most popular CQ9 Gaming slot games. The unprecedented success of this series led to the creation of as many as 10 other slots games within the same series.

This neon-dance-themed slot game is just like playing in an American nightclub, where players enjoy a lively atmosphere. The game has a classic 5-by-3 layout, with a variety of wild and scatter symbols granting up to 12 free spins to players. Not to mention, a bonus multiplier that can reach up to 150s!

Individual reel spin in this slot game allows players to spin only one reel out of five, irrespective of whether they have obtained winning combos or not.

CQ9 Gaming: Red Phoenix

Red Phoenix, a slot game developed by CQ9, features the turtle, the phoenix bird, and some Chinese symbols. The game’s ruling character is the Red Phoenix, a legendary bird said to represent good fortune and prosperity.

The slot game has a 5-reel and 3-row format with several bonus features, such as the Red Phoenix feature, which is activated when three or more Red Phoenix symbols appear on the reels. Once this feature is triggered, players can receive up to 20 free spins and multipliers on their winnings.

This slot game also features some symbols, represented by a golden dragon. A fun and exciting game to play!

CQ9 Gaming: GU GU GU

GU GU GU is a Chinese symbol-based slot game featuring a rooster that makes a crowing sound in the morning. The rooster represents fortune and wealth in China. In addition, the 5×3 format slot game has a whopping super prize, i.e., 30000 times.

Furthermore, if players get more than 3 roosters, they get a chance to enter 15 free games with a 5x multiplier for any combination. This captivating and compelling rule has established this game as a favorite among Malaysian players.

The API Integration Process

The process of integrating CQ9 games into a third-party online casino website is termed the integration process. For hassle-free, convenient, and fast integration, an online casino website needs to get in touch with the CQ9 gaming team and request to integrate their game on the website page.

CQ9 Gaming will provide technical documentation to facilitate the integration process. The package includes different video slots; the majority of which are specially designed for Asian markets. Most of the video slots are developed with Asian deities, symbols, signs, mythological characters, and folk stories.

CQ9 Gaming offers an array of video slots with all the new-age features like free spins, wild wins, and multipliers. Besides this, all the CQ9 games have been licensed by Gaming Laboratories International GLI. Gaming Laboratories is considered one of the most prestigious licensing bodies, serving as the official regulator for over 400 gambling establishments. CQ9 doesn’t have a table or live casino games in its collection.

CQ9 Mobile Technology

All the games developed by CQ9 Gaming are mobile-friendly, have browser support, and are developed with the HTML5 framework. No matter! Whichever mobile device or smartphone device players own, they can easily access the entire CQ9 games- video slots to play their favorite game on the mobile browser. 

Mobile devices connect to any operating system (Android or iOS) and are supported by CQ9 gaming. Games can be played on a mobile browser with ease.

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How to Select the Best CQ9 Gaming Online Casino Games

There are a large number of online casinos that offer CQ9 gaming through their gambling platforms. Before making any deposit or signing up for an account, check the below requirements:

  • Minimum Deposit: Every online casino has minimum deposit requirements. Reputable and trusted online casinos offer a welcome deposit on the first deposit. So, make the minimum deposit, claim your deposit bonuses, and play wisely.
  • Payment Methods: An online casino should allow a wide range of payment options such as Paypal, cards, and digital wallets with an easy deposit and withdrawal process.
  • Fully Secure and Licensed: As mentioned earlier, CQ9 Gaming has a license issued by Gaming Laboratories International. Make sure the online casino is also licensed and secured. This will ensure players’ money and sensitive data information are in safe hands.
  • Quality of Games: Games offered by online casinos should be fast, interactive, and have mobile browser support. It should allow players to earn real money.
  • Social Media: Players who are interested can post their scores on social media platforms like Facebook to share their achievements.

CQ9 Gaming Online Casino Promotions and Bonuses

CQ9 Gaming offers numerous in-game bonuses like expanded reels, free spins, wild symbols, and multipliers. They also offer casino welcome bonuses to new players. To play CQ9 gaming, many online casinos also offer bonus cash and free spins to both existing and new players.